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Financing and co-financing of music productions / Financing and co-financing of concerts / Organisation of concerts and festivals / Financial support for music media / Placement of artists with our clients / Advice and support for any organisation...

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Tasting / Animations / Concerts / Free of charge / Competition with prizes Graphic production for your events Event logistic support...

For Your Concerts

MUSIC BEER has selected a number of artists and bands for your concerts and events. We are at your disposal for any information.

Logo du concept MUSIC BEER Café

MUSIC BEER Café is an extension of the music-based marketing concept of MUSIC BEER. A convivial space to create a meeting place in a place totally dedicated to music.

Want to create a MUSIC BEER Café...? Contact us, we will be happy to help and support you in this project.

Violon Music Beer
Big Band Music Beer
Bar-Food Concept MUSIC BEER
Place to trade concept music beer


Bar-Food based on the music marketing philosophy of MUSIC BEER, the Belgian beer that supports Music.

The MUSIC BEER café, concerned with respecting the environment, and its short circuit principle, applies the principle of decorum furnished by recuperation and second hand purchase. The MUSIC BEER logo will be used for all promotional purposes and as a visual on and in the place.


Concerts, Jam Session, production presentation, exhibition, conferences, cinema... All these activities are offered at the heart of the MUSIC BEER Café concept. The artistic program will always be directed towards acoustic music with light amplification: Jazz, blues, folk, classical, pop, song...


Sales are concentrated on the MUSIC BEER range, as well as some classic beers, a range of soft drinks, alcohol, wines...
A food concept must be directed towards healthy food, short circuit and quick set up but always with a musical connotation (ex: Amstrong salad, Vivaldi, Beatles, Papa Wemba...). 


To increase the number of visitors, the MUSIC BEER Café offers the principle of deposit and sale of all types of musical media (CD-DVD-LP, etc.). It also sells sound and image equipment such as old record players, amplifiers, speakers, projectors, etc. A concept that favours exchange and deposit-sale. The MUSIC BEER Café is a profitable business that requires very little investment.

Interested in our MUSIC BEER Café concept... Contact us to find out how we can work together.

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