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The brand MUSIC BEER is not a coincidence..!


It is in 1993 that Pascal NOEL materializes his first musical production and his LYRAE Music label. During its promotion, all the doors of the media remain closed and do not allow any recognition of this first Opus. In order to get around this difficulty, marketing and graphic design skills apply to the production of promotional material for record shops. A creativity quickly noticed by other Jazz and Blues artists who knock on the label's door.


With its growing graphics studio, Pascal NOEL finances the production of renowned Belgian artists within a label always ignored by the press. This led to the creation of JAZZAROUND magazine, which was published in 1995 and quickly became the leading music magazine in French-speaking Belgium.


In 1998, the signing of a collaboration contract with Universal Music Publishing strengthens the growth and recognition of the LYRAE Music label. This news favours the creation of KROKO Music for the production of more popular music genres – – as well as an intense life in national and international tours and concerts.


Responding to the Covid crisis19, Pascal NOEL creates MUSIC BEER with Dany CVETKOVIC to support the highly impacted entertainment and concert sector. Once again, all the skills are put to work in order to distinguish MUSIC BEER from other brands thanks to strong and innovative marketing.


In 2021, after export applications for France, the Canary Islands, Canada and the USA, MUSIC BEER must be supported by additional human and financial resources.


The MUSIC BEER brand is definitly not a coincidence.. !

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