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BLUES - Blond 6°
Golden in colour, this blond beer is distinguished by its slightly fruity hoppy flavours and light, harmonious body.



Complex lager with delicate fruity tones and a good hop aroma. A light taste on the tongue and a complex, firm body that harmonises perfectly with the alcohol notes. A beer with great finesse and elegance and an exquisitely long finish.

Blues Music Beer Blond 6°

ADAGIO - Brown Triple 9°
With its light copper colour, this dark beer has an intense, caramelised flavour and a delicious palette of powerful, spicy aromas. This beer will delight all lovers of strong dark beers.



A tickle of caramelised coffee and rum invades the nose. The flavour is dominated by an intense body combining notes of caramel and a discreet touch of hops. The aftertaste is intense and persistent.

MUSIC BEER Adagio -Brune Triple 9°

JAZZ - Blond Triple 9°
The fruit of passion and knowledge, this blonde ale is characterised by a palette of strong yet subtle flavours. This beer has a certain roundness, a rich body and an assertive character that puts it right up there with traditional beers.



On the palate, it is full-bodied, with sweet fruity and hoppy aromas. Its aromatic complexity and powerful body ensure an exuberant, long-lasting finish.

MUSIC BEER JAZZ - Triple Blond 9°

SALSA - White Cherry 3,5°
SALSA has the unmistakeable scent of delicious cherries, with a sweet, pleasant fruity flavour. SALSA is an unfiltered wheat beer, which gives it its cloudy appearance and lively yet delicate pink colour. SALSA is an easy-drinking, refreshing beer with a mild sweet taste. And because it's not higher in alcohol, it means you can enjoy it even more in the sunshine.

MUSIC BEER White Cherry 3,5°
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